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Project Organization

AZ Techno Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. Construction Contractors, employs the integrated Project Team approach method towards any newly entrusted project. The Technical Division, which is responsible for Projects in its own field initiates team organization in close consultation with other relevant Divisions. A Project team is composed of the most suitable Key Personnel recommended by related Divisions according to the required functions, specialties and expertise.

In case where the necessary specialized expertise and technology are not available within our company, relevant resources are immediately made available from our affiliated companies.

In addition to the Project Team a Project control and support team is formed at the Head Office with members from each Division. It is responsible for coordinating between other job sites, Regional Project Operation Centers and our Branch Offices.


As illustrated in the following page the Project Team consists of a Team Leader, Resident Engineer, Engineers and Construction and Administrative Staff. All of these key personnel are selected according to work experience in a comparable capacity.

The constituent and corresponding responsibilities of key personnel are outlined as follows:

  1. THE TEAM LEADER is the chief of the site construction team and represents the company at the job site. The field construction supervision Team is under the supervision of the Team Leader. He is directly responsible for the site work, performance and accomplishments to the satisfaction of the clients and Consulting Supervision Engineers. Planning and scheduling of project activities are formed for economic and timely performance of construction work as a part of efficiently directing and coordinating activities at the site. The Team Leader forecasts manpower requirements, allocates manpower, equipment and material and administers overall project construction activities.

  2. THE RESIDENT ENGINEER reports to the Team Leader direct and is responsible for the engineering and design of the project plan, execution, staff and discipline. Engineers in the operating division work closely with him, preparing conceptual planning designs, setting up the projects basic principles, making major technical decisions in consultation with the Team Leader and reviewing project design work.

  3. MATERIAL CONTROLLER maintains up to date records of material inventory in close coordination with the Project Schedule Engineer. He forecasts the requirement of materials and prepares a schedule of delivery and ensures timely input and asks for stocks enough to meet the demands of the site.

  4. QUALITY CONTROL - In every project site, a Field Laboratory is established under one Quality Control Engineer who is responsible for quality of work. He is assisted by experienced Laboratory Assistants and technicians in carrying out various tests on raw materials, concrete, bitumen etc. to ensure proper quality of work. The Quality Control Engineer is working directly under the Team Leader.


Our construction management system is based on the idea that every project is unique. Construction management is therefore left mostly to the discretion of the site management team, strictly based on the basic guidelines given to them.

The relevant technical divisions commit themselves to major issues like progress status, procurement of critical work items and the work billing etc.

There are regular meetings called a "Progress Review Meeting" in which the progress achieved is reviewed; shortfalls and problems faced noted and discussed upon and remedies found for the same; the further planning charted out for a smooth functioning etc.

With a view to effective construction management all information about a job site is swiftly channeled to the relevant divisions at the Central Office.

It is the Team Leader's responsibility to maintain productivity of the construction organization at its maximum efficiency level. Construction Organization can be divided in to two general parts, Field Engineering & Construction.

Overall construction management is divided in to the following three areas:-

  1. Site Management
  2. Field Engineering
  3. Administration

Site management is accomplished based on the conclusion of regular progress meetings held on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Such matters are set forth in the meeting as various regular and progress status reports, manpower, material and equipment requisition request, safety aspects, work discipline, co-ordination and Public relation matter etc.

The instruction of the owner or consulting Engineer(s) is usually delivered to all the staff through these meetings.


Administrative duties are responsible for the following function in support of construction activities.

  • General administrative works
  • Accounting time-keeping pay roll
  • Purchasing, transporting, warehousing, controlling
  • And distributing material, equipment, tools and
  • Vehicles
  • Supplying manpower to the site
  • Coordinating with consulting Engineering and
  • Clients about contracts
  • Specification and other matter
  • Implementing safety codes and security Programs


The Cost Control Engineer assigned to the site reports on Project Progress vis-a-vis the cost incurred as they relate with the original cost plan.

Typical reports on cost control include the following information

  • Quantities achieved and cost thereof based on the BOQ Rates.
  • Expenditure incurred towards the inputs like manpower, machinery including the POL, materials and stores.
  • Reconciliation of materials/stores consumed.


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